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MCF 2016 Report

“Takaaful T&T is committed to continuing the dialogue among the various stakeholders with the aim of strengthening the Muslim Community of T&T,” said Aman Hosein, Vice President of the Friendly Society during his closing remarks at the Muslim Community Forum on November 27th, 2016. The Forum which was attended by sixty-two participants from twenty-one Muslim groups was organized by Takaaful T&T at the Trinidad Muslim League (TML) Centre, Eastern Main Road, St. Joseph.  The format of the Forum included presentations from thirteen Muslim bodies, a panel discussion on “Perspectives of the day’s proceedings,” opening and closing sessions.

A review of the participants feedback, via the circulated questionnaire, revealed that 48% of the respondents were “Very likely” to attend a similar future event with another 48% saying they were “Extremely likely” to attend.

Among the “Things liked about the event” were: the wide range of participation, informative presentations, open discussion, willingness of the participants to collaborate, good time management, well organized and the venue.

Included amidst the several concerns, recommendations and areas for co-operation mentioned at the Forum were:

  • Study of the Muslim population of T&T
  • Customer satisfaction survey in Jamaats
  • Mergers of organisations
  • Twinning of Jamaats
  • Dispute Resolution, Reconciliation in every Jamaat
  • Outreach- National Mosque Open Day
  • Planning- Strategic, Succession 
  • Education & Training- Muslim Executives of Jamaats & Organisations, New Muslims
  • Publication- newspaper, letters to the media, writers
  • Strengthening of the Muslim Community/Strengthening Institutions
  • Poverty alleviation- Housing, Meals, Food baskets, Zakah distribution, Clinics
  • Da’wah- Street Da’wah, inter-faith dialogue
  • Sharing of office space and staff

No specific items were selected at the Forum for immediate action and follow up. Groups were, however, encouraged to explore areas of co-operation among themselves. The general consensus was that the dialogue aimed at strengthening the Community must be continued.

Of the sixty-two participants who attended, forty were members of Takaaful T&T. Eleven participants joined the Society at the event.

An executive 2017 diary with a leatherette cover with the Society’s logo printed on it was gifted to each participant together with printed writing pads and pens. Refreshments and lunch were served.

Members of the Education & Marketing Committee and the Marketing Assistant manned the registration desk and the booth. TTTFS packages and Waqfy Pans were distributed. The Evaluation Forms provided five references for follow up action re new membership.

Media coverage of the event was achieved via the following:

  • Pre-event media release published in the Express (Two were issued but one was published on 20/10/16)
  • Announcements on Takaaful Hour on IBN (2 programmes)
  • An appearance on Morning Edition, TV6 with Fazeer Mohammed (22/11/16).
  • Post-event media release published in the Express (30/11/16)
  • Post-event feature story in Toute Bagai, Express (29/11/16)

Asif Khan took the photographs which were used with the media releases and also published on our website.

The programme was well executed with Opening Remarks by Manwar Ali, Closing Remarks by Aman Hosein and moderation of sessions by Manwar Ali, Omar Gorib and Kwesi Atiba.

Site preparation and arrangements for refreshments and lunch, banner, projector, handouts etc. were all ably handled by Adeeb Ali with support from Josh Ramlochansingh.

The venue proved to be very appropriate with good support from TML staff.

Financial support was forthcoming from sponsors, donors and a few participants who paid the Registration Fees.

It should be noted that the focus of the MCF is not “Muslim Unity”. “Muslim Unity” is generally associated with umbrella bodies in T&T such as Muslim Co-ordinating Council (MCC), UIOTT, Muslims of T&T and most recently Ummah T&T. 

The MCF is a platform for bringing people together for structured dialogue (exchanging ideas, sharing experiences and networking) which can lead to many other things such as collaboration, co-operation, brotherliness, respect and love.

Interestingly, the phrase “strengthening the Muslim Community” emerged at the Forum. It was also linked with “improving services” and “quality of life”. This could be a good paradigm shift from “Muslim Unity” to “enhancing quality of life by strengthening the Muslim Community and improving services”. This will synchronize well with the Society’s Vision Statement “Wealth creation and a better quality of life for our members and communities.”

And Allah knows best.


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