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WAQFY Cash Pan Number of pans disbursed: 3173
Number of pans returned: 1650
Amount Received: $200,000
As at: June 13th, 2017
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About MCF

What is the Muslim Community Forum

The Muslim Community Forum, an annual ongoing series of conferences, brings together policymakers, scholars, academics, Imams, teachers, leaders, executive members of Muslim Jamaats, organisations and institutions and other interested persons throughout T&T to discuss issues related to Muslim history, development, welfare, education, institutions, organizations and co-operation.

The MCF therefore is a platform for lively exchange of information and ideas, discussion and sharing of experiences.  On the one hand, the Forum provides an opportunity to take stock of the achievements of the Muslim communities and on the other hand to seriously address critical issues. 

As an important annual networking event, the Forum is a Premier Muslim Event in T&T focused and aimed at furthering the development of Muslims, improving their social and economic conditions, preserving their cultural and religious identities and urging their meaningful contributions to the development of their country.



The Forum will serve as a platform to:

  1. Nurture thinking, writing, research and dialogue among Muslims
  2. Exchange ideas and share experiences in addressing matters of national interest.
  3. Solicit, collate and publish (a) information about Muslim Communities in T&T and (b) papers on Islamic/Muslim perspectives on national issues.
  4. Deepen the participant’s knowledge and understanding of the current situation of Muslims and Islam in T&T.
  5. Initiate and develop co-operation among Muslims in T&T. 
  6. Foster linkages between Muslim communities.
  7. Nurture a sense of belonging and affinity among Muslims. 
  8. Showcase Muslim communities and institutions.
  9. Intensify and broaden the efforts of Muslim communities and institutions at national development
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