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Amount Received: $200,000
As at: June 13th, 2017
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Eid Message 2015

Assalaaamu Alaikum

As Muslims come to the end of a month of fasting, let us reflect on some of the problems of the world starting with our own community and country. There is a drop in the economy, problems with family life and other social issues. The standard of morality has fallen in many areas and the love and caring for one another as human beings almost non-existent.

 What role does fasting in Ramadan play in improving these situations? Fasting trains us to adjust to the economic downturn as basically the fasting person stays away from eating and drinking during the day, and builds his will power to accept having less. Fasting builds character through self-restraint and boosts the morality of the individual. It teaches patience and allows us to co-exist peacefully in a society of multi-religious and multicultural practices. It teaches us to love and care for our family, our neighbours and the community at large. When a part of the society develops in this way, it will have a positive impact on the country as a whole.

Apart from fasting from food and drink and other physical needs during the month of Ramadan, Muslims were involved in additional acts of worship as they strove to please Allah, the Almighty. They engaged in extra prayer, gave charity, visited the sick and elderly and performed other acts of kindness. All these acts brought peace and tranquility into their lives which will eventually transcend into the society.

I should like to urge all - Muslims and non- Muslims, members and non-members of Takaaful T & T – to take the lessons learnt from the month of Ramadan and let us work together to build stable families and a peaceful society in Trinidad & Tobago which we are all a part of.

On behalf of Takaaful T & T, I wish all Muslims ‘Eid Mubarak’ and to the rest of the population, may you enjoy a comfortable, secure and peaceful Trinidad and Tobago.

Photo Caption:
Manwar Ali
(President BOM - Takaaful T & T)

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